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Become a WalknTours
Local Sponsor

We want to support your local business

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WalknTours' solo travelers explore all around the USA and we want to highlight your story.

What do sponsors get?

Our tour stops at your location and highlights your story

Optional promo codes can be built into the app to get solo travelers in your door

We will include you in the tour highlights email sent to visitors 

You'll be highlighted in the sponsor section of the tour in the WalknTours app

Visitors will know about you before, during and after the tour

Options to highlight/add you to our website and social media

Discount codes for visitors to save when taking our tour

How much does it cost?  


We work with local partners to promote both business and create win win relationships. 

Sponsor would highlight us by:

Have a "WalknTours Stops Here" sticker in the window

Link on website to the tour 

Let's discuss.  


Phone: 617-991-3269

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