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Nova Scotia Tree


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The Experience

Each December the good people of Halifax send an enormous tree to Boston. It's a tradition spanning a century. It all started during WW1 when an explosion leveled the city of Halifax.  Boston immediately reacted sending supplies to rebuild.  

Learn the role Halifax played in WW1 and how the largest explosion in history up until that point nearly wiped Halifax off the map.  And discover the plaque that sits in the Boston common.  

Best time to go?

If you are planning to go in the state house or local attractions it's best to check their opening hours.  For the state house click here for more details.  

How to take the smart immersive audio experience?  
Go to: The Old City Hall, 45 School St, Boston, MA 02108

Download the Walkntours app.  Select Boston's Nova Scotia Tree.  Choose your language (available in 20 languages).  Listen on headphones, bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones.  Press play.  

Historic stays, places to visit and eat while in town

Places to Visit

The New State House 

Built by Charles Bulfinch and completed in 1798.  They relocated a hill to make Boston the city on the hill.  Click here to learn more.  

Places to Stay

The Omni Parker House.  

The oldest continually run hotel in the US.  And one of the most haunted.  Its doors have welcomed nearly every president, rock star and celebrity.  JFK proposed here.  Malcom X worked here.  Ho Chi Minh was a pastry chef in its kitchen.  Charles Dickens lived here.  It is historic, central and a great value.  

Dig Deeper into the story

Learn more about the history between Boston and Halifax.  


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