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We want to bring your tour to life

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Why Choose WalknTours?

Patented Technology​

Our Patented technology create unique, smooth, frictionless location aware indoor tours that your visitors will love.  Press play, put your phone in your pocket and explore the museum while interacting with objects.  This is only available here at WalknTours.  

Easily convert your hardware audio tour into an app

We can convert your current hardware audio tour into an easy to use app within one week.  Save money, time and headaches.  

One Stop Shop

We do it all for you from set up, production, voice narration, app development to tour deployment.


Choose what type of Tour

Convert your current handset tour to an app.  Create a location aware handsfree tour.  Develop a Tour by Numbers experience.  Our patented software can do it all.  

Call 617-991-3269 or email to learn more. 

Set up a Demo

WalknTours Benefits

  • Increase Visitor attendance

  • Increate Visitor Engagement

  • Grow your Membership and retainment

  • Increase Social Media Engagement

  • Generate new revenue streams

  • Save Money and Time

WalknTours Services

  • Full White Label and App Development 

  • Set Up, deployment, maintainence. 

  • Convert Your Headset to an App in 1 week.

  • Location Aware Bluetooth Walking Tours 

  • Script Writing, Producing, Editing and Set Up.  

Features and Benefits

Develop Immersive Mobile Tours

Create immersive experiences your visitors can take at their own pace, anytime, on their phone. 

Tour by

Location Aware





Mobile Tours




Charge for Tours

Develop Location Aware Indoor Audio Tours

Empower visitors to explore hands free through your museum on interactive indoor tours.  Using Bluetooth Beacons visitors interact with your collection as they move through the museum.


Convert Your Handset Tour into a App 

Using your current audio files, images and text dialogue we can convert your hardware into an app tour within one week.   Want more languages?  We can convert it in up to 20 languages.  

Develop  'Tour by Numbers'Audio Tours

Tour by Numbers mobile tours allow the visitor to set the pace and choose what they want to experience.  Each item in your collection would be attached to a number.  When the visitor enters that number into the mobile tour the collection item experience plays.  Add audio, images, video and text to each collection.  

Marketing Tools and Guides

Built into our mobile tour app development platform are advanced marketing tools to help your museum grow.  

It's time your mobile tour started working harder for your museum.  

Our marketing tools:

  • Grow your membership and help retain it

  • Increase social media engagement with one click posting and engaging content

  • Automated marketing

  • Data and Tour Analytics 

Decrease Current expenses and Headaches

Eliminate the struggle of managing audio tour hardware devices.  

Leverage the powerful technology your visitors have in their pockets.

Easily develop and publish your mobile tours on the WalknTours mobile tour marketplace.

Gather Valuable Data and Interact More

Traveling may never be the same. But be assure, we will always travel.  It's just a question of how.

WalknTours location guided experiences allow visitors to avoid gatherings, experience local tours at their own pace and on their own.







Mobile Tours





Tell Your Story in Multiple Languages

Easily translate your tour in up to 20 languages instantly.

Translated audio visitors can hear and text they can see.

Welcome visitors from around the world.  


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