Convert Museum Hanset Tour

Into a Mobile Museum Tour in Hours

This feature is available in the partner program and also as a paid plan service. 

Why do you need a mobile tour that visitors can take on their own personal device?

In polls, June 2020, we found two key factors.

  • 83% surveyed said they were not comfortable taking group tours.

  • 87% surveyed said at museums they prefer a mobile tour on their personal device

    versus a handset provided by the museum.


Easily convert your current museum tours into experiences offered on the WalknTours app.  In up to 20 languages.  Visitors can hear them in the museum or at home.  Chargeable.  No hassle management.  

The WalknTours developer platform allows you to convert your current tour into a mobile tour available on the WlaknTours app in hours.  Choose a plan, our basic plan is free.  If you choose to add marketing features to increase membership, get sponsors, have your tour translated in 20 languages check out our features offered in our developer plans. 

Instantly Translates into

20 Languages


Visitors use their

Own Device

No Hardware

or Staff

Lower Cost

Listen on Headphones, Bluetooth Speaker

or Phone

Easy to Convert


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