Still stuck in 

the past?

Convert your old handset tour

To a mobile app tour in hours 

Convert Museum Hanset Tour

Into a Mobile Museum Tour in Hours

Already have an audio tour on handsets and want to convert your tour to a mobile audio tour?  We can easily convert your current tour (handset/app) into a mobile audio tour on the WalknTours app fast.  

Benefits of converting to WalknTours

Instantly Translates into

20 Languages

Easy to Convert



Visitors use their

Own Device

Save on handset and staff

No hardware cost.  No staff to manage handsets.  No charging handsets.  No updating handsets.  No hassle.  

Piggy Bank

In App Purchases

Visitors can easily purchase tours with a click of a button.  Create multiple chargeable experiences.  Easy to manage. 

Online Purchase

Increase Membership

Let us show you how using our memberships tools you can increase your museums membership.  

audience members

Save Time

Our goal is to save your time, resources and staff by giving you the most effective tool to help you grow.  

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Easy to Use

Offer an easy to use mobile tour your visitors will love and watch them come. 

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Easy to Update

Easily update your tour in minutes.  Add tour locations.  Add a new tour.  Add new languages.  Change any part of the tour anytime.  No additional costs.  Easy to manage.  

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QR Code Power

Display your custom QR code visitors can easily scan to open your tour.  Making it easy to take your tour.  Give it a try.  Open your camera and scan the QR code below. 


Stay connected

Know who is visiting, where they are from and stay connected with your visitors.


Publish your tour on Viator/TripAdvisor

When you work with WalknTours we offer the ability to post your tours on leading travel sites including Viator and TripAdvisor.  Get noticed.  


Clean and Safe

Traveling has changed.  And so has how we travel.  

Offering social distance traveling options helps keep us all safe.  And allows us to explore.  

Offer mobile tour experiences visitors can take on their own.

Offer mobile tour experiences visitors can use on their own device.  

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Multi Language

Easily translate your tour into 20 languages.  Let the world hear your story in their native toungue. 

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Partner Power

When you are on the WalknTours platform you get noticed by visitors that are already using WalknTours.  We succeed when you succeed.  

Heart & Hands

Social Media Power

Built in social media applicaitons that allow for visitors to easily share your tour and content you choose to their favorite social media platforms.  All in once click.  Easy.  

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Increase Engagement

Offering an easy to use, immersive and well designed tour attracts users and increases engagment.  Make it easy for your visitors and get them engaged.

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