Create A Smart Tour 

Are you a museum?

Need an easy to use powerful mobile tour?

The WalknTours platform offers powerful features for museums to develop easy to use mobile tours.  Prices starting at  $29/mo.  

Why do you need a mobile tour that visitors can take on their own personal device?

In polls taken in June of this year, we found two key reason:

  • 83% surveyed said they were not comfortable taking group tours. (For obvious reasons)

  • 87% surveyed said they prefer a mobile tour on their personal device while in a museum

    versus a handset provided by the museum.

Convert your current handset tour to an app based mobile tour

  • Easy to convert tools 

  • No additional hardware or staff staff needed

  • Lower cost

  • Contactless sanitary tour solutions

  • Listen on headphones, bluetooth 

  • Instantly translates into 20 languages

  • Automated marketing solutions

  • Unique QR code for each tour 

  • Built in social media features 

  • Full support

All you will need is each collection item's audio file and image.  


Have your tour published and live in hours.

Create an app based Mobile Tour

Benefits of developing tours on WalknTours:

  • Increased Visitor Engagement

  • Increased Visitor attendance

  • Membership growth and retainment

  • Increased Social Media Engagement

  • Use your mobile tour to generate revenue

  • Offering a comfortable, safe and clean activity during COVID-19

We work with you every step of the way from tour planning, development to marketing to ensure you get the most out of the technology and marketing features. 

Create Tour by Numbers, Bluetooth Guided indoor tours or outdoor GPS guided tours.  

Contact us to discuss a plan and learn more.   

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