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WalknTours Partner Program 

The WalknTours partner program was created to develop strong partnerships with local museums, nonprofits and tour operators to help partners succeed by offering our resources free of charge.  The Partner Program includes full access to our WalknTours Developer Pro plan (normally $999/year) plus our tour creators set up package (normally $2000 to develop one tour) for tour creation, consulting and development.

The main objectives of the partnership program are:


  • Increased Visitor Engagement

  • Increased Visitor attendance

  • Membership growth and retainment

  • Increased Social Media Engagement

  • How to use your mobile tour to generate revenue

  • Offering a comfortable, safe and clean activity during COVID-19

Program overview


The WalknTours partner program is a free partner program offered to support local partners.  We work with you every step of the way from tour planning, development to marketing to ensure you get the most out of the technology and marketing features.  We succeed when you succeed. 



What’s included in the program?


  • Tour planning, scripting and development

  • Professional narration work and sound editing

  • Choice of tour type for indoor or outdoor tours

  • Marketing tools and guides to help you grow your membership, revenue and social media presence.  

  • The software is free with no end date and all software updates are included. You can concentrate on your experience. 

  • Support - A WalknTours expert will be assigned to your account and available by phone, text or email.  


To learn more about the benefits, marketing tools, Tour types that can be developed, Tour development and promotional stages, Marketing guides and tools to help you grow, What’s required from the partner and How to generate revenue from your tour request our WalknTours Partner Program white paper below.  Or, if you're ready, apply now.  

Convert Museum Hanset Tour

Into a Mobile Museum Tour in Hours

This feature is available in the partner program and also as a paid plan service. 

Why do you need a mobile tour that visitors can take on their own personal device?

In polls, June 2020, we found two key factors.

  • 83% surveyed said they were not comfortable taking group tours.

  • 87% surveyed said at museums they prefer a mobile tour on their personal device

    versus a handset provided by the museum.


Easily convert your current museum tours into experiences offered on the WalknTours app.  In up to 20 languages.  Visitors can hear them in the museum or at home.  Chargeable.  No hassle management.  

The WalknTours developer platform allows you to convert your current tour into a mobile tour available on the WlaknTours app in hours.  Choose a plan, our basic plan is free.  If you choose to add marketing features to increase membership, get sponsors, have your tour translated in 20 languages check out our features offered in our developer plans. 

Instantly Translates into

20 Languages

Easy to Convert


Listen on Headphones, Bluetooth Speaker

or Phone

No Hardware

or Staff

Lower Cost


Visitors use their

Own Device

Develop GPS Guided Walking Tours

This feature is available in the partner program and also as a paid plan service. 

Develop GPS guided walking tours in a flash.

GPS guided walking tours allow your visitors to go to the start point, press play and put their phones away.  From there they are guided by GPS, WalknTours technology and the power of their phone.  It's a hands free heads up immersive experience that can be taken anytime. This is a great solution for tour operators looking to expand their current business offering and offer an on demand experience for visitors that are not yet comfortable on group tours.  

In our June 2020 poll we found that 83% surveyed said they were not comfortable taking group tours.  Offering a GPS guided tour is a great option to generate revenue.  

Develop Indoor 

Location Aware Tour Experiences

This feature is available in the partner program and also as a paid plan service. 

Imagine walking through and exhibit and interacting with the artwork.  As you approach it tells its story.  If you choose you can easily hear more.   Then continue your adventure meeting they next artist.  hands free.

Bluetooth Beacon guided tours give you the ability to allow visitors to interact with your indoor collection.  Easily create on demand tours your visitors can take anytime and in 20 languages.  

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