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The Ghost of The Audubon House and Gallery

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The Ghosts of The Audubon House
and Gallery

Wreckers be Wrecking! 

The Audobon home was originally built 1849 by Captain John H. Geiger who earned his fortune as a wrecker. 


Wreckers were known to be a mischievous bunch often leading ships astray with false lanterns in the dead of night with the hopes they would shipwreck on the rough shores of Key West.   


And when they did the wreckers came out of the woodwork to salvage the treasures of the sunken vessel. 

And well as it may come as a surprise, it was legal. 


Many people suspected Captain Geiger also played his hand in piracy as well and believed he stored his stolen fortunes in this home. 


Now the old captain worked hard for this home.  And he’s not going to have a silly thing like death make him leave.


Today The Audubon House has been certified as “Haunted” by multiple paranormal societies, and it’s listed on the national directory of haunted places.    

The captain’s spirit is often seen sitting and standing at night on the first and second floor porch. 


It seems he is keeping watch.  Perhaps he’s guarding his fortunes buried beneath. 


And he’s been known to be picked up on camera. 


If you are up for it take a picture, you might just pick up his ghostly image for yourself.  He has been picked up by many visitor’s day and night. 

Some may say he’s a friendly ghost. 


And the captain’s ghost isn’t the only spirit that haunts this property! 

The ghost said to haunt the Audobon House gallery is none other than the famous naturalist and painter John James Audubon himself, who the property is named after. 

John Audobon visited Key West in search of tropical birds for his book “Birds of America” and stayed on the island for two weeks while painting. 


Now his visit was before the house was built and he never stayed overnight in this house but a silly little thing like that isn’t going to keep his spirit away. 


In the gallery a tall man has been seen in a ruffled shirt and a long jacket reminiscent of the early 1800’s.  He’s known to stalk the halls pacing forever back and forth. 

Perhaps he’s monitoring the sales of his bird prints, which are for sale in the gallery.  And cursing those that choose not to purchase.  

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