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For the best experience, follow the instructions below before taking your tour.

Experience code 'underground'

How it works:

Step 1: Download the WalknTours app on iPhone or Android.
App Store:
Google Play Store:

Step 2: Register an Account or Login

Step 3: Unlock Your Tour
Chose Boston as your city
Scroll down and find The Underground Railroad Beacon Hill and click it
Click Enter Experience Code
Enter the Experience Code 'underground'
Click apply

Now your Tour is unlocked! We suggest downloading the tour at this time.

Step 4: Take the Tour
Go to The Charles Street meeting house front door at 70 Charles Street, it's on the corner of Charles Street and Mt. Vernon Street. The Tour starts at the front door on the Mt. Vernon Street side.
Open the tour and click start experience.

Your guide will lead you from there.

Tips for taking the tour
-For the best experience use earbuds or a bluetooth speaker
-Download the tour before hand

Having issues? Try the below:
1.Make sure the experience code is typed in all lower case. That is the most common issue. the code will work once.
2.If the tour did not start, make sure you are at the start of the tour.
3.If the tour is stuck on downloading close the app and open it again and click download again.
4. If the tour is still not downloading, make sure your phone has enough memory. It’s possible your phone’s storage is full.

Feel Good About your Purchase! 10% of your purchase is donated to Art in Giving, a non profit dedicated to finding a cure to childhood cancer. We believe in their mission, and you can feel good knowing every tour you take will contribute to ending childhood cancer. Learn more about Art in Giving at Thank you for helping!

Have questions? Email us or text 617-991-3269.

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