The Historic Main Street Experience

The Experience

Main Street Bethlehem has hosted many of the worlds greatest leaders.  Walk in the footsteps of George Washington, Winston Churchill, Amelia Earhart, Billy Joel and JFK, to name a few.  


On your walk you will discover the the secret stories of Bethlehem, including:

-Why Billy Joel called his song Allentown, but it was really about Bethlehem! 
-The history of the Bethlehem star 
-The oldest book shop in the USA! 
-Where George Washington once slept 

The experience begins at the Moravian bookstore, the oldest books store in the english spoken world.  And ends at the Sun Inn which once hosted the Hero's of the American revolution.  

Best time to go?

Anytime.  If you plan to visit the Sun Inn or any local attractions check their schedules for details and reservations.

How to take the smart immersive audio experience?  
Go to: 428 Main St, Bethlehem, PA 18018

Download the Walkntours app.  Select your tour.  Choose your language (available in 20 languages).  Listen on headphones, bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones.  Press play.  

Historic stays, places to visit and eat while in town

Places to Stay

Hotel Bethlehem

The historic Hotel Bethlehem is a must stay while in the Christmas City.  Bethlehem Steel was once one of the most powerful companies in the world.  Its steel build the world and the world's leaders stayed at the Hotel Bethlehem.

Dig Deeper into the story

Why do they call it the Christmas city?  And what's all this talk about the Moravians?  Dig Deeper into Bethlehem's history.  Here are a few of our favorites, click on the books below to learn more.  


And this shirt is awesome!!  Get your Bethlehem Steel gear!