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Hotel Parters

Let's partner! 

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Get $2 for every tour your guests take.

What do hotel partners do?

Hotel partners recommend the WalknTours® app to guests at their hotel

Each hotel partner has a unique code they can give their guests to save $1 on the tour 

Guests can take tours anytime using our patented walking tour technology

What do Hotel partners get? 

For every tour taken using their code you'll get $2

After 50 guests take a tour you'll get a $50 bonus

How much do the tour cost?  



Do you offer promotional materials?

Yes, we can offer flyers to hand out to guests with your unique code 




Register now and start offering tours to your guests

Click here to register to be a hotel partner 


Why do 10's of thousands take WalknTours?

Our walkers most commonly say they love our tours because:

  • They can go any their own pace.  Stop and go as they please. 

  • The tours are fun! 

  • They can go anytime, 24/7/365

  • Many want a tour, but not a tour group

  • Value

And much more.  Check our reviews here.

Have questions?  Let's discuss.  


Phone: 617-991-3269

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