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WalknTours marketing tools help you grow your business through automation, integrated social media sharing, tour analytics, generate experience codes, list and sell your tour on Trip Advisor, local partner marketing strategies and be found on the Mobile Tour Marketplace.  

Easy to use.  Powerful marketing.  Generate revenue.  Grow your business.

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Create Discount Codes + List on Trip Advisor

Generate experience codes that allow you the power to offer your experience for free, with the purchase of a ticket, as a promotional code or sell and promote on popular travel sites like TripAdvisor.  

Tour and Data Analystics

Collect valuable real time analytics about your visitors and how they interact with your mobile tour.  Understand what visitors like, and what they don't and grow your business. 

After visitors leave the experience continues.  Easily stay in contact to grow your membership base and grow.

Automation Marketing 

Create email automation for your mobile tour.  

Each time a new user starts your mobile tour and instant email will be sent to their email box.

This email is crafted entirely by you. 

The perfect solution to:

Increase Membership (Offer information about becoming a member)

Share online product links (Amazon affiliate programs)

Offer future promotions (coupons, discounts)

Promote local partners and experience

Social Media Sharing Features

Social media is vital to getting noticed in today's online world.  We have embedded automated features that allow users to easily share your mobile tour to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.  With a click your mobile tour promo is shared.  And with our social media creation tips it's ready to go viral.  

Local partner marketing

Teaming up with local partners allows both to grow.  We have enabled features to provide co-branding with local partners to help them get noticed and help your mobile to get more exposure.  We called these hubs.  Contact us to learn more.

We succeed when you succeed

Our partners are the heart of our mobile tour marketplace.  We succeed when you succeed.

Contact us to learn more about our marketing features and how we can help you grow.

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Create Surveys

Offer short surveys your visitors can take after finishing the mobile tour.

Easy and fast multiple choice and essay questions allow you to collect vital information.