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The Queen City Haunted Walking Tour

About the Tour

Charlotte has a history spanning back to 1768 and through it’s history its seen it’s fair share of horrors.

On our ghostly adventure you’ll explore the most haunted historic sites in Charlotte’s historic fourth ward including the Old Settlers Cemetery, Haunted Pubs, Hotels, Theaters, the site of the old hangings tree and with a little luck you might just see the ghost of Mattie peeking out of her window.

The tour starts at the Old Settlers Cemetery. I’ll meet you there. If you dare!

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On our haunted walking tour you'll see:

The Old Settlers Cemetery
Founders Hall
The Dunhill Hotel
Spirit Square
The McGlohon Theater
The Tyron Apartments
The Haunted Mcninch House
Fire Station Ghosts
Settlers Lane
The Hanging Tree's Site
Alexander Michael's
The Oldest House in Charlotte
The Old Bootleggers House

And much more!

Why Choose WalknTours?

Explore at your own pace and schedule.   Our tours are professionally produced with pro narrators, music and story tellers, unlike the competition.  Our technology is patented.  It's better.  Click here to learn our advantages. 

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