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Easily Develop Engaging Virtual Visitor Experiences

Virtual Walks offer a powerful tool to engage with your audience and share your story. Using virtual walks, a built in feature of all WalknTours mobile audio tours, users have the option to walk your tour at your location using our location aware guided technology (GPS/Bluetooth/User Guided) or they can choose the Virtual Walk.

Virtual Walks open new opportunities for museums and tours. Now users from around the world are engaged in your local story. Interact with visitors from Norway, Japan, Australia, Korea, Brazil or anyone from around the world anytime. Share your story in a new and powerful light. And when they visit your museum they can use the same tour to take the on location tour.

WalknTours development platform features include:

Create a new revenue stream

Develop chargeable mobile tours that users can buy with in app payments.

Accept Tips and Donations with easy in app purchase functions

Get Found

Gaining attention is one of the toughest challenges for local experiences. With WalknTours visitors easily find your experience on the WalknTours Marketplace.

Virtual Walk + On Location Experience