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The Charleston Famous Ghost Walking Tour

If you are looking for a ghostly walking tour in Charleston, SC, you found the right place.

Led by a ghostly narrator experience the famous ghosts of Charleston’s past and learn their stories that brought them to their ghostly existence. Guided by WalknTours, your personal tour guide, you will be guided turn by turn through Charleston's ghostly streets. And for $6 it's'priced just right.

On this haunted tour we will stop by more than 8 ghostly locations, including the first female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher.

Lavinia and John Fisher operated the Six Mile Wayfare house. A bed and breakfast outside of Charleston. It was common for guests to stop there and old Lavinia was chatty. She would ask them about their life, where they came from and their business. A normal staple of Southern Hospitality.

Just before bed she would offer them tea. Spiked with poison.

After finishing their tea Larina sent them off to their rooms for last night’s sleep.

As legend has it, during the middle of the night Lavinia would pull a level that would collapse the bed plunging the unsuspecting victims to their death.

Her killing spree went on without a hitch until John Peeples visited. Peeples did not like tea, but not to be rude he pretended to drink it. And when Lavinia turned her back he dumped it. He also felt worried they may try to rob him. So, he slept in the chair. But during the night he heard a loud crash in the bedroom where you discovered the bed collapsed and spikes just below.

Peeples had the good sense to jump out of the window and ride straight to the authorities.

Lavinia and her husband were quickly arrested and taken to the Old City Jail and held here for one year before their trail in 1820. In the end they were found guilty of highway robbery and sentenced to death.

Legend has it that they may have killed as many as 100 in their death trap.

Before Lavinia hung on the gallows her last words were “If any of you have a message for the devil tell me now, for I shall be seeing him shortly

Today her ghost is said to haunt the Old City Jail wandering its grounds. She has been seen by locals and visitors alike. And is said to be easy to pick up on camera. Beware. She is not a friendly ghost.

Try our tour, “Charleston’s Famous Ghost Tour” a truly ghostly walking tour experience. It’s available only on the WalknTours app. Get it by scanning the QR code below.

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