Run Like Revere


The Experience

This is a track run around the Boston Common.  It's just over 1 mile.  3 loops makes a 5k.

As you run Paul Revere guides you and tells you his favorite stories.  You may know that his famous midnight ride did not end in success.   He never finished.  He never said "The British are coming".  And he was not alone.  

Try your best to beat the competition and climb on the leaderboard.  At the end of each loop you'll get an update of your progress.  After finishing you will see a breakdown of your loop times.  

Take the tour on your phone or your run with your Apple Watch.  Both are supported.  

Best time to go?

This is a great morning run.  

How to take the smart immersive audio experience?  
Go to: The Brewer fountain in the Boston Common.  

Download the Walkntours app.  Select your tour.  Choose your language (available in 20 languages).  Listen on headphones, bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones.  Press play.  

Historic stays, places to visit and eat while in town

Places to Visit

The Boston Common

Founded in 1634 its the oldest city park in the USA!

Places to Stay

The Omin Parker House

The oldest continually run hotel in the US.  And one of the most haunted.  Its doors have welcomed nearly every president, rock star and celebrity.  JFK proposed here.  Malcom X worked here.  Ho Chi Minh was a pastry chef in its kitchen.  Charles Dickens lived here.  It is historic, central and a great value.  

Dig Deeper into the story

Dig deeper into the Boston Commons history and the patriot Paul Revere.  Here are a few of our favorites.  Click on the book to learn more.  


And these are our favorite shoes to run in the Boston Common.

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