The Beacon Hill

Run into History


The Experience

Lace up your shoes and prepare for a guided run through Beacon Hill.  Guided by John Hancock you will instructed turn by turn where to go and hear the stories of Beacon Hill along the way.  You will see and hear:

- The Underground Railroad and the stories of it's Hero's 

- The most photographed street in Boston, Acorn Street 

- The historic Holmes alley, a safe place for escaped slaves from the south

- Run by the homes of Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Louis May Alcott.  

And you'll get in a fun workout!  

Compete against the leaderboard to get the best time.  Run the track multiple times, the app will keep track of your loop times and overall time.  

Best time to go?

Anytime is great.  While running pay attention to traffic.  But overall the streets in Beacon Hill are quiet for the majority of the day.

How to take the smart immersive audio experience?  
Go to: The New State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02133

Download the Walkntours app.  Select your tour.  Choose your language (available in 20 languages).  Listen on headphones, bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones.  Press play.  

Historic stays, places to visit and eat while in town

Places to Visit

Museum of African American History

Located in the oldest oldest black church in the USA and also the oldest school for African American students it is a must see stop in Boston.  visit to learn more.  

Places to Stay

The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty is an old prison converted into a luxury hotel.  Just across the street from Beacon Hill it's a great spot to start your experience.  Eat dinner in the CLINK, seated in old jail cells and dine on Boston's finest seafood.  Tips: The Salmon burger is a must try.  

Dig Deeper into the story

Learn more about Beacon Hill's history before your run.  


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