The Freedom Trail Experience Part 1 

(Theatrically narrated GPS guided Walking Tour.  Go to the Boston Common, press play and put your phone away.

From there you'll be guided turn by turn by WalknTours technology)

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The Freedom Trail Part 1 - In a mere 30 minutes you will walk through Boston’s history and see its historic sites from the Boston Common to the Hay Market.  Your guide will tell you the stories of Sam Adams, the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere and many more. You will see:

  • The Oldest Hotel and Restaurant in the USA

  • The First Integrated Church, The Oldest School and The First Public Park in the USA  

  • The Site of the Boston Massacre

  • The Starting Point of the Boston Tea Party 

  • The Cradle of Liberty

  • The Granary Burial ground

  • The Kings Chapel


Now like old George Washington used to say, “Let’s get this party started!”  I’ll meet you just outside the Boston Common Visitors center.  To get started, download the WalknTours app on the App Store or Google Play, and choose the Freedom Trail Experience Part 1.  


Listen to the tour preview

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How to take a WalknTour?


1. Download the WalknTours app for iOS or Android.​

2. Choose the tour "Freedom Trail Part "

3. Go to the Boston Common Visitor Center

4. Press Play.  

5. Put your phone in your pocket and follow your guide on an immersive hands free GPS guided tour.

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