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The Ghost of Captain
Tony's Saloon

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The Ghosts of Captain Tony's 

This joint has a dark past

From 1933 to 1937 this bar was known as Sloppy Joe’s and was a favorite watering hole of Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, John F. Kennedy, and Jimmy Buffet.

But it wasn’t always a bar. 

The building that Captains Tony’s is in was first built in 1851 as an icehouse, and it also doubled as the city morgue to house the dead. 


How convenient. 

In the 1980’s when the bar owner expanded, he had quite the shock.  In the ground he found 16 rotting bodies.  One of them, Elvira, had her own headstone in the ground.  Today that headstone can be seen in the floor of the pool room. 


And her bones remain at rest underneath. 


But that’s not the old bar’s creepiest story.  Not by a long shot.    

While inside guests will notice a peculiar tree growing through the ceiling.  That’s the old hanging tree where at least 15 pirates and one murderer met their death the end of the noose.


The scariest of those hung here was a wife who killed her family in a crime of passion. 


As legend has it on a dark stormy night a young mother learned of her cheating husband’s ways. 


And she decided to take matters into her own hands. 


In a fit of rage she picked up her trusty kitchen knife and proceeded to stab her husband and two children to death. 

They did not see it coming. 


When the neighbor saw her feeding the remains of her family to the pigs in the back they alerted the police.  She was quickly arrested, still wearing her blue nightgown covered in the blood of her family.


Later that day she was hung by the neck right here on the hanging tree. 

And you can bet your shrimp and grits she still haunts these halls looking for revenge. 


The woman’s tormented soul lurks in the pool room still wearing her blood stained blue nightgown. 


And the locals call her the lady in blue. 


Some say she is searching for the tramp home wrecker that ruined her life.  Others think she just may be stuck here for eternity regretting her murders. 


I guess you’ll have to get a drink and ask her for yourself.

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