The West End



The Experience

Learn the history of Bostons Westend through the audio of it's famous residents including Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Spock) and its tragic demise.

Best time to go?

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How to take the smart immersive audio experience?  
Go to: 150 Staniford St Entrance on Lomasney Way Open throughout construction next door, Boston, MA 02114

Download the Walkntours app.  Select your tour.  Choose your language (available in 20 languages).  Listen on headphones, bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones.  Press play.  

Historic stays, places to visit and eat while in town

Places to Stay

The Boxer Hotel

Built in 1904, the Boxer is a classic Boston hotel and one of the few remaining buildings in the historic West End.

Dig Deeper into the story

Learn more about the West End and its historic demise.  Here are a few of our favorites.  Click the book to learn more.  


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