Virtual Walks

Virtually explore the tour anytime

Included with every tour

Share your story 

Virtual Walks allow visitors to explore your tour anytime.

Travelers can explore before visiting and after visiting.

Or only visit virtually. 

Easy to use.  Powerful 360 experience.  Generate revenue.  Easy to share.  

Easy to


Immersive 360 Experience

Generate Revenue

Easy to Share

360 images and video

Explore locations in a virtual interactive world without expensive gear.  

All tours offer an easy feature to add 360 images.

When the user moves their phone they interact with the image.  

Check out our video. 

Download the WalknTours app and try a 360 experience.  

Virtually Walk Anytime

Virtual Walks allow visitors to visit anytime.

Experiences can be chargeable, creating a new revenue stream. 

Tips and Donations can be accepted upon completion of the tour.  

Interested in learning more? 

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