Why Create a Mobile Tour on WalknTours?

  • Offer a comfortable, safe and clean activity during COVID-19

  • Increase Visitor Engagement 

  • Increase Visitor Attendance 

  • Membership Growth and Retainment 

  • Increased Social Media Engagement 

  • Generate Revenue 

Offer a comfortable, safe and clean activity during COVID-19

Welcome visitors back to tourist attractions will be different.  Visitors are excited to be back, but they hope to be back to a safe experience.  What are you offering that's different?  

In polls, June 2020, we found two key factors.

  • 83% surveyed said they were not comfortable taking group tours.

  • 87% surveyed said at museums they prefer a mobile tour on their personal device

versus a handset provided by the museum.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions for safe touring. 

Increase Visitor Engagement 

Offering a mobile tour available on visitors personal devices allows for a more personable and flexibie experience. 

It's easier to take - App on Device 

It's easier to start - QR Codes

It's flexible - On demand 

It's in their language - up to 20 languages 

Contact us to learn more.  

Increase Visitor Attendance 

Our solutions help to increase visitor attendance through our marketing tool, solutions and safe immersive experiences.  Our automated marketing tools get the word out, get you noticed and keep potential visitors engaged and interested to visit.  Contact us and ask us how we can help your attendance grow.

Membership Growth and Retainment 

Built into our software are tools that empower you to grow your membership base and retain them for years to come.  These tools include automated marketing and membership marketing tools.  Contact us to learn more about our membership solutions to help you grow.  

Increase Social Media Engagment 

Our automated social media features set you up for success and empower users to easily share your best contact online with a click.  Increase your social media game automatically.  Contact us to discuss how.  

Increase Revenue 

Built into the WalknTours platform are tools to empower you to generate new streams of revenue from the tour, membership, merchandise and more.  To learn more about how WalknTours can help you generate a new stream of revenue contact us anytime.  

Our Partner Program 

Interested but not sure if you can afford it?  You are in luck.  Learn more about our partner program that offers the full power of the WalknTours solutions for free to partners accepted into the program.