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Location Based Audio Walking Tours

Ditch the Tour Group!  Go at your pace, anytime.
Historic and Haunted  Smartphone Guided Walking Tours in 60+ Cities.

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The WalknTours app is like a real life tour guide. Only its technology, on your phone, way more convenient, a better deal, 

 and a better story teller.

Explore on your terms, at your pace, anytime.  

How it Works


Get the WalknTours App

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Choose Your Tour

- Choose "Near Me" tours for tours closest to your location,. 

- Search cities to find tours in places you plan to travel to. 

- Or select the most popular tours!

- After purchasing and unlocking the tour (with a code if needed) it never expires.

- Tours range in price from $5.99 to $9.99


Take Your Tour / GPS Autoplay

Go to the tour's start point and press start tour.

Feel free to put your phone in your packet, the WalknTours app will guide you step by step telling you the stories of the city using GPS Autoplay to tell the story as you walk.  Off track?  Follow the arrow in the app pointing you to the next stop.

- Go at your own pace, stop anytime, continue anytime.  The tour never expires. 

- After the on location tour you'll unlock a virtual tour you can hear anytime.  

What travelers say about WalknTours

"We used this in Charleston and Salem, and we LOVE it.  Will never go back to a normal tour again!

Highly recommend." 

Haley - Salem and Charleston

“Great historical easy walk for all. The directions and app were easy to use. I love the ability to take your time to stop and shop/eat and pick back up easily since it not a group with a guide.”

Kelly Moore

“The tour of New Haven was amazing! Enough detail to keep us interested but not too much to be boring. Plus the app functionality and syncing with location made for a seamless experience. This was better than booking a personal tour because we could pause it anytime we needed more time to explore on our own. Highly recommended!!”

Fabiana Kotoriy

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You'll love it or your money back! 

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