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What users are saying.....

Celiaep, Sept 2020

"My boyfriend and I really enjoyed this tour! It was nice to go at our own pace and listen to the narrator and the music! We went at night so we ran into tour groups going to the same stops.  We loved being able to re listen to the tour when we got back to our room.

Lisa, Sept 2020

"Tours were very informative and fun and easy to follow. I would highly recommend using this app and following their tours!"

Amir, July 2020

"No need to setup an appointment and worry if u catch up with the rest of the group. Just walk , listen and enjoy.” "

Miriam, Aug 2020

"We really loved the option to do the Freedom Trail at our own pace, with the benefit of a tour guide in our earbuds. Was just as much enjoyed by adults as our 9 year old son. I highly recommend!"

Dan, July 2020

"Freedom trail tour was outstanding in all respects.  I would recommend them and would definitely do them again with a friend."

S.M.., Sept 2020

"Loved this app! My wife and I went into Boston on a sunny day, had a blast with this app, learned many things we didn’t know about the area, amazing narration.”

Mary, July 2020

"This was the perfect experience for these times, Summer 2020, taking a gps guided tour that was like walking around in a movie.”

E.M., July 2020

"Great app to take tours on business trips. You can take tours anytime and they are fun. Freedom trail was awesome.”

Our Mission is to Tour Better

Choose your tour.  Go to the start point.  Press play and put your phone away.

The WalknTours app empowers travelers to experience smart phone guided, on demand tours.

Each tour is theatrically crafted, professionally narrated and amazingly immersive.

Guided by WalknTours' technology and the power of your smart phone. 

Discover walking tours, museum indoor tours and indoor location aware tours.  

Welcome to WalknTours.  The new trend in travel. 

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