Location Aware Audio Tours

What's a technology guided tour?

It's a tour led by the technology in the WalknTours app powered by your mobile phone.


Using the power of GPS, Bluetooth, WalknTours technology you are guided turn by turn on outdoor tours.  As you explore your guide will tell the the stories of what you see and lead you on a local adventure.

On Demand

Go anytime and at your own pace


Crafting the power of narration and sound we strive to immerse you like never before

Go to the start point, press play and explore hands free

How does it work?

1. Download the WalknTours app for iOS or Android.

2. Browse tours.  Listen to the previews.  Try the Virtual Walk.  Find one you love.

3. Go to the starting point of the tour.

4. Press Play.  

5. Put your phone in your pocket and follow your guide on an immersive hands free location guided tour.

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What is a Virtual Walk?

All Tours have an option for an On Location Tour (IRL) and Virtual Walks.  

Virtual Walks allow visitors to take the tour remotely.  



Visitors can tour before and after visiting

Forgot what your tour guide said?  Just listen again.


We've built in 360 images to feel closer to IRL


All tours include a Virtual Walk

What kind of Experiences? 

Outdoor Location Guided  Experiences 

Guided turn by turn through the streets, parks, trails

Powered by technology and super smart elves

Running Experiences

Have you ever wanted to go on a guided run telling you where to go turn by turn?​

As you run you will hear the story of what you see.

Indoor Location Guided Experiences

Find the start point and press play.  Your guide will take you through the museum.

When you approach each collection piece it will begin to speak and tell you its story.    

Opt in to hear more. Or continue to the next collection piece.

Indoor or Outdoor by Numbers

It's the traditional handset museum tour.  Just it's on your phone.  Minus the clunky hardware and deposit.

See the number.  Input it into the app.  Hear the story.

Listen at the Museum.  Listen at home.

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