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What is a WalknTour?  

Imagine having a private, knowledgeable and charismatic local tour guide lead you step by step to the historic sites, hidden gems and famous spots of the city and share with you their engaging stories.   That's the core of WalknTours.  The amazing tour guide experience available 24/7 on your phone.  

Our tours are location aware experiences navigated by the patented WalknTours App tour technology.  They are solo, self guided walking tours.  No schedules to follow.  No group to meet.  Go at your own pace and terms.

All our tours are professionally researched, narrated by professionals that fit the theme and atmospherically edited with music and sounds to make the story come to life.  

I bought a tour, where is my experience code?

if you purchased a tour from an online partner site you will be sent an experience code to unlock the tour.  

This code is not the booking reference number.  
You will find the experience code in the ticket information.  Scroll down to "How to take the Tour" and go to step 3,.  There you will see a unique experience code to unlock the tour.  


Where are WalknTours available?

Check out our cities page to see our currently available cities.  It's growing monthly!  


Can I develop a tour? 

Let's discuss.  Contact us at info@walkntours and put "Create a Tour" in the subject.  Please provide us with information on yur tour idea and plans.  We do create tours and apps for clients.  


What's the deal with the Guarantee?

We love our tours.  And we love happy travel rebels.  If you are not happy with the tour we will refund the purchase.


Change Date / How long is the tour valid?

Our tours never expire.  After purchasing the tour you can take it anytime and as many times as you like.  You do not need to change the date, it will always work.  


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