What is a WalknTour?  

WalknTours are Solo smart phone guided tours for travel rebels.  Get the app on the App Store or Google Play.  

What's a Solo Smart Phone Guided Tour?

Solo smart phone guided tours are guided by the power of WalknTours technology. 

It's like having a tour guide in person, only it's on your phone, powered by technology and way more convenient.  

No waiting on groups, no schedules, no bad tour guides and no one telling you what to do.  

Where are WalknTours available?

Check out our cities page to see our currently available cities.  It's growing monthly!  


Can I develop a tour? 

Let's discuss.  Contact us at info@walkntours.  


What's the deal with the Guarantee?

We love our tours.  And we love happy travel rebels.  If you are not happy with the tour we will refund your cash.


I booked from a local partner (TripAdvisor/Viator) and don't have an experience code

Your experience code will be in Step 3 of your booking email / ticket.  Open your ticket.  Look for Step 3.  There it will show the experience code to unlock your tour.  Enjoy!