What is a WalknTour?  

A WalknTour is a smart phone guided tour at your favorite travel destination.  Get the app on the App Store or Google Play.  

What's a Smart Phone Guided Tour?

Smart phone guided tours are tours that are available on the WalknTours app.  They are guided step by step and powered of your smart phone.  They are:

- Smart Phone Guided, there is no 'human' in person guide.  

- On site, on location tours in your favorite travel destinations.

- On Demand, since it's on your phone, you can go anytime.  

- Easy to use, just go to the tours start location, press 'start experience' and your tour begins.  Feel fee to put your phone in your pocket and take in the sites.  

- Seamless, the tours guide is with you every step of the way direction you when to turn, what to see and sharing stories, just like any tour guide!  

- Well crafted, with top notch voices and sound to set the mood 

- Fun, funny, entertaining and educational.  Just like any great tour guide! 

- Only on the WalknTours app! 

Where are WalknTours available?

Currently our tours are in Boston, Salem MA, Charleston SC, Savannah GA.  


Coming soon in Cambridge MA, NYC, and around the East Coast.  

Can I develop a tour? 

Sure!  We can help you create a tour from start to finish offering any service you may need.  


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Do you offer indoor tours? 

Yes!  We create custom indoor tours for museums.  These include bluetooth beacon guided and the traditional tour by numbers.  


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