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Cincinnati, OH

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Cincinnati's Famous OTR
Ghosts Tour

Tour Overview

Welcome to Cincinnati’s Famous Ghosts Tour.  I’m the Queen City Ghost and I’ll be guiding you today on our ghostly hunt.   

Today you will be lurking through the historic OTR, the neighborhood known as Over the Rhine, one of the largest, most intact urban historic districts in the United States, and discovering the spirits that have decided to haunt it’s grounds. 

You’ll walk on the Elm Street that inspired Freddy Kruger, learn the haunted story of Music Hall, see where the lady in Red resides, uncover a bar 4 stories below, lurk in the park in search of the Witch of Washington Park, and much more.   


The tour starts at Memorial Hall OTR, just next to the Music Hall.  I’ll meet you there if you dare. 


3 Ways to Purchase this Tour:
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2. Purchase on our site and save if you have a promo code.  
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You'll see the spookiest spots in Cincinnati's OTR and learn their ghostly stories.  

The Music Hall and it's Spirits 
The Symphony Halls Ghosts

The Witch of Washington Park

The Haunted Ghost Baby 

The Symphony Hotels and the Lady in Red

Taft's Ale House 

Elm Street

The Birth of Manson

The Cincinnati Strangler

And much more! 

The tour begins at the Memorial Hall OTR


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