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Punxsutawney PA

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Ground Hogs Day

The folks here in Punxsutawney have been celebrating the weather predicting powers of their favorite groundhog since February 2nd, 1886, long before any of those news stations were telling us what they thought was going to happen. On this tour you’ll explore Punxsutawney and learn about Phil the ground hog.

You’ll uncover the secrets of the Inner Circle of the Ground Hog Club. Discover the Indian sorcerer that gave Punxsutawney it’s name. Hear the tale of when Bill Murray visited. You’ll see a bunch of Phantastic Phils. And of course, you’ll learn about groundhogs. The tour starts at the Official Gift shop. Listen on to hear the first stop on the tour.

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Groundhogs, Weather, Bill Murray and More Punxsy Tour!

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