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Washington, D.C.

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The Capital

On our location aware smart phone guided walking tour, I’ll guide you to D.C.’s best-known monuments and museums with a few hidden gems in between using the power of our patented walking tour technology and my sweat voice. Go at your own pace, and schedule.

On our adventure you’ll see the Vietnam war, Lincoln, Washington, Korean War, world war 2, General Grant, Garfield, Buffalo Dancer, Joan Miro and Marc Chagall monuments, memorials and statues, to name a few. You will also see the Smithsonian museums of American History, Natural History, Air and Space, American Indians, the National Gallery and the sculpture garden, all free to enter, if they are open of course.

And along the way I’ll share with you the stories of each site, it’s hidden secrets, and how they influenced and changed the United States.

I’ll even suggest a spot to grab lunch and have a picnic along the way.

Our tour starts at the Korean War Veterans Memorial, just next to the soldiers in poncho’s.

I’ll meet you there.v

Our Tours

Lincoln Memorial To Capital Hill Walking Tour

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