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Outdoor Location Aware Tours

We want to bring your tour to life

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Attract Tourists

Tourists want a tour.  They want to explore and discover places.  The problem is that's not always easy to do.  What should I see?  Where to go?  In our fast paced world tourists don't want to research.  They want a guide that can take them 24/7/365.  At their own pace.

Walkntours is that guide. 

A few of the benefits of creating a tour:

  • Offer activities for FREE to attract toursits 

  • Show them the must see spots tell them your story, so they can tell their friends. 

  • Stay in contact 

WalknTours offers a powerful suit of features that are easy to develop and designed to engage tourists.  Let's set up a meeting and chat more about how we can help you reach your goals.   

Why Choose WalknTours?

World Leading Experts - Our expertise, experience and technology are proven.  Get the WalknTours app to see our tours in 60+ cities in the USA and around the world.  We are a company in Needham, MA, USA.  

Patented Technology​

Our Patented technology creates unique location aware outdoor tours that your visitors will love, and it's only available here.  Press play, put your phone in your pocket and explore the city while interacting the actual place your walking!  

Developer Software 

Easy to use software allows you to create tours anytime and publish immediately.  

One Stop Shop

We can do it all for you from set up, production, voice narration, app development to tour deployment.


Starting from $59/Month $599/Year

Call 617-991-3269 or email to learn more. 

Who creates tours?  

City Government and Tourism Bureaus ​

Offer free or charged tourist experiences to popular sites or promote untraveled neighborhoods.   


Offer free or charged University tours with outdoor and indoor options.  

Tour Operators 

Offer your tours, new tours, promoted tours on your own app and create a new revenue stream.  

Call 617-991-3269 or email to learn more. 

Set up a Demo

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