The Ghosts of Salem

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The Tour

Tour Overview

Welcome to the Witch City.  Today I'll be guiding you around Salem’s most haunted spots and sharing the stories of its ghostly past. 


You’ll see the Ropes Mansion, the Witch House, the 2nd oldest cemetery in the US, 2 locations from Hocus Pocus and the most haunted hotels in Salem. 


And you’ll hear the stories of the underground haunted tunnels, the Salem witch trials, the ghost of Nabby, the lady in blue, the strangler and the Great Harry Houdini.

Tour duration: 40 - 50 minutes


Listen to the introduction to meet your guide

Ghosts of Salem

You'll see

You'll see the spookiest spots, haunted gardens and famous sites.  

Ropes Mansion 

2 Locations from Hocus Pocus


Joshua Ward House

Salem Old Town Hall 

The Witch House 

Old Burying Point 

The Salem Inn

The Old City Jail 

Wicked Books

Salem Witch Trial Memorial 

Bewitched Statue 

And that's a short list of highlights.  

You'll hear

On our ghostly adventure you'll hear the stories of the dark side of Salem

The Ghost of Nabby 

The Haunted Garden 

The Underground Tunnels 

The Lady in Blue 

The Ghost of the Strangler 

The Ghost of Old Point Burying Ground 

The Salem Witch Trial 
The Story of Salem

Bewitched in Salem 

Harry Houdini 

And if you're lucky you might just catch a ghost on camera.  

Beware, this tour is not for the faint of heart. 


I’ll meet you at the Ropes Mansion, if the ghosts don’t get you first. 


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