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New Orleans

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New Orleans

Old New Orleans is famous for its spiritual haunts, the French Quarter, voodoo queens and the vampires historic past.  

We offer two solo tours in New Orleans that  represent it's history and show's respect to the hero's that walked it's streets. 

If you are looking for a spooky historical tour, try our Ghosts of New Orleans tour to discover it's vampire history and the ghosts that hung around.

To explore it's historic side and food history, go on our tour 'The Best of the Historic French Quarter."

New Orleans Solo Tours


Ghosts and 

Discover New Orleans’s Dark History guided by a ghoulish cast of characters that will haunt your nightmares.  You’ll hear tales of vampires, murder, death, tragedy and pirates. 


And you’ll see the haunts where their ghostly spirits now lurk.  Be warned, this tour is not for the faint of heart. 

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The Best of the Historic French Quarter

Explore New Orleans’s historic French Quarter at your own pace and schedule. 

A few of the site’s you’ll see include Dutch Alley, Café Du Monde, Jackson Square, Pirates Alley, the oldest Jazz Club in the big easy, the oldest bar, the creator of the Muffuletta, the French Market and I’ll even share with you the underground location of a Vampire Speakeasy.

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