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Atlanta’s Civil Rights Walk of Freedom

About the Tour

Welcome to Atlanta, Travel Rebel.

Today I’ll be guiding you to the historic Civil Rights sites in Atlanta.

You’ll see sites associated to Martin Luther King’s Jr including his home, the Ebenezer Baptist Church, his tomb, and many places he frequented and learn the story of his life.

You’ll also see historic sites and learn about other local civil rights heroes including Reverend Borders, the first black millionaire Madam CJ Walker, John Wesley Dobbs, David T. Howard, John Lewis, many more.

Our tour starts just outside of MLK’s birth home. I’ll meet you there.

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On this historic Civil Rights Tour you'll see:

Martin Luther King’s Jr ihome
The Ebenezer Baptist Church
MLK's tomb
The shop of the first black millionaire Madam CJ Walker
John Wesley Dobbs statue
Old Fire Station No. 6
SCLC national office
Old Atlanta Savings
African American Panoramic Experience Museum
The Daily Word
Bethel AME
Wheat Street Church

And so much more!

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