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Hilo’s History and Legends Walking Tour

About the Tour

Aloha, Travel Rebel.

Welcome to Hilo, Hawaii. On our island adventure I’ll be taking you to the historic spots in Hilo and sharing with you it’s legends, history and stories. You’ll see the sacred stone that prophesized the unification of Hawaii, the historic farmers market where you’ll learn the history of the food, the historic buildings and churches where I’ll share with you the tales of the immigrants that made Hawaiian their home, and the stories of the King’s that once ruled this island paradise.

Our adventure begins at the Hilo Farmer’s market, on the corner of Mano and Punahoa. I’ll meet you there.

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On this tropical adventure you'll see:

The Hilo Farmers Market
S Hata Building and the story of the Japanese in Hawaii
The Place Theater
Hali Church and the story of religious conversion in Hawaii
St. Joseph's and the history of Portuguese immigration
Lyman House
Naha Stone and the story of Hawaii's unification
Tsunami history and museum
Kalākaua Park

And much more!

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