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Land of Lincoln, Springfield, IL

About the Tour

It’s a well-known fact that Illinois is known as “the Land of Lincoln”.
Perhaps more than anywhere in the state, that pride is celebrated at Springfield; the very city that Lincoln left when he went to the Whitehouse.
On our historical adventure I’ll take you to the places linked to old Honest Abe and tell you his story.
You’ll see his old home, his church, his office, the buildings he frequented, murals of Abe and the places named in his honor. And I’ll share with you his coming-of-age story from a one room log cabin in Kentucky to becoming the 16th President of the United states.
It’s a story woven into the fabric of Americana, and today you’ll walk in Honest Abe’s shoes, and learn why they called him Honest Abe. I’ll meet you at the Visitors Center for the Lincoln Home National Historic Site.

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On this historic tour you'll see:

Abraham Lincoln's House
Lincoln's law office
His Church
The Lincoln Mural
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
The outside of the Presidential Library
The Old State Capital where he worked
His Statue
And you'll hear about....
His childhood
Politica rise
Time in the Whitehouse
Why they call him honest Abe
How he became a member in the wrestling hall of fame

And so much more!

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