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Newport Historic Walk of Freedom

About the Tour

Welcome to Newport, Rhode Island, Travel Rebel.

On our adventure I’ll be guiding you through the cobblestone streets of Newport's historic downtown, past quaint shops, wharfs, restaurants, and historic landmarks. You'll learn about the city's colonial history, its role in the American Revolution, how it became a home of freedom of religion, its historic eating spots, and its transformation into a fashionable summer resort in the 19th century.
Grab your camera and your walking shoes, I’ll meet you just outside the white horse tavern.

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On this historic adventure you'll hear about Newports history and see:

The White Horse Tavern
The Great Friends Meeting House
Washington Square
Wanton-Lynman-Hazard House
Old Colony House
Touro Synagogue
Hear George Washington's Letter!
Learn about Doris Duke and how she saved Newport
Thames Street
Queen Anne Square
The Wave!
Banisters Wharf
The Anchor of Newport

And much more!

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