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Rebels of the Revolution
The Historic Old City Walking Tour

About the Tour

Now a rebel is defined as “a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.” On this tour you will see the sites of the American Revolutionary Rebels that fought the British Empire. The most powerful empire in the world. And won.

You’ll see Ben Franklin’s grave, independence hall, the Betsy ross house, the restaurant the founding fathers feasted, Alexander Hamilton’s home, the Liberty Bell, Carpenters Hall, the First Bank of the United States, the oldest alley in Philadelphia and more.

You’ll hear the tales of the American Rebels Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Haym Solomon, Betsy Ross, John Hancock and other well-known rebels that founded this great nation.

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Tour Stops

On this historic walking tour you'll see the the most famous sites and hidden gems in the Old City and you'll experience their rebel story.

Ben Franklin's Gravesite
Independence Hall
The Liberty Bell
Carpenters Hall
Elfreth’s Alley
Betsy Ross House
The Synagogue of the American Revolution
Signers Garden
Alexander Hamilton's House
The City Tavern
The First Bank of the United States

And much more!

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