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The Best of the French Quarter - New Orleans

About the Tour

Welcome Travel Rebel. On our solo tour of New Orleans, I’ll be navigating you around the French Quarter and sharing its secrets.

A few of the site’s you’ll see include Dutch Alley, Café Du Monde, Jackson Square, Pirates Alley, the oldest Jazz Club in the big easy, the oldest bar, the creator of the Muffuletta, the French Market and I’ll even share with you the underground location of a Vampire Speakeasy.

So get yourself down to the Joan of Arch Statue, that’s where our solo tour begins. I’ll see you there.

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Listen to the Intro

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Tour Stops

On this historic solo walking tour you'll see the the French Quarter's famous spots, hidden gems and experience it's historic story.

Joan of Arc
Dutch Alley
Cafe Du Monde
Jackson Square
Bourbon Street
Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
Marie Laveau's Voodoo shop
Pat O'Briens
Pirate Alley
Jazz Bar's
The Central Grocery and Deli

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