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The Ghosts of Charleston Haunted Tour

About the Tour

It's a scream!

Discover Charleston’s Dark History on our solo walking through old haunted Charleston.

Along the way you'll see the most haunted pubs, cemeteries, churches, restaurants and abandoned prison’s Charleston has to offer. And they are spooky.

And you will hear the stories of pirates, ghosts, murders, and with a little luck we might just see a ghost on your tour. You would not be the first.

Listen to the solo walking tour intro below.

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Listen to the Intro

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On this solo walking tour in old Charleston you'll see the most haunted sites and you'll hear the stories of the ghosts that roam the streets of Charleston. ​You will see:

Provost Dungeon
Blind Tiger Pub
Dock Street Theater
The Pirate House
Poogan's Porch
St. Philips Church Cemetery
The Mills House
The Pink House
The Circular Church Burial Ground
Unitarian Church Cemetery
The Powder Magazine

And that's a short list of highlights.

Why Choose WalknTours?

Explore at your own pace and schedule.   Our tours are professionally produced with pro narrators, music and story tellers, unlike the competition.  Our technology is patented.  It's better.  Click here to learn our advantages. 

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