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A Walk along the Freedom Trail in Historic Boston

When visiting Boston, the not to be missed attraction is the Freedom Trail. It’s free to walk. It hits many of the revolutionary sites in Boston. And it’s revolutionary. The Freedom Trail is in 3 parts.

1. Historic Boston – from the Boston Common to the Green Dragon

2. The North End

3. Charlestown – including highlights Bunker Hill and USS Constitution

It does have one big problem, it’s difficult to know what you are looking at as you walk along the trail. Most visitors walk along the red brick trail, starting at the Boston Common Visitor Center, and look up in awe at the sites. But what’s the story behind each site? What’s is the old south meeting house and why do we care?

That’s where the WalknTours app comes in. Our Freedom Trail tour guides you along the trail seamlessly telling you the stories of the historical spots. WalknTours uses patent pending technology to leverage the power of your phone to pin point your location and guide along the Freedom Trail and interact with each location as you pass. Simply go to the Boston Common Visitors Center, open the Freedom Trail – Historic Boston tour, press play and put your phone away. WalknTours, your personal guide, will lead you on an adventure from there.

This isn’t your grandpa’s Freedom Trail tour. WalknTours is an interactive, theatrical and high tech tour. It’s like walking through an interactive movie of the city with a guide that knows you location and narrates like a revolutionary hero.

The Freedom Trail – Historic Boston tour on the WalknTours app, you will see:

1. The Boston Common

2. The New State House

3. Robert Shaw Gould and 54th Regiment memorial

4. The Park Street Church

5. Granary burial ground

6. Omni Parker – Oldest continuous hotel in the USA

7. Kings Chapel

8. Old City Hall

9. Boston Latin School’s first location – the first school in the USA

10. Old South Meeting Hall

11. Old State House

12. Faneuil Hall

13. Quincy Market

14. Blackstone Block

15. New England Holocaust Memorial

16. Union Oyster House – the oldest continual run restaurant in the USA

17. Green Dragon – The headquarters of the revolution.

To take the tour:

1. Downlaod the WalknTours app

2. Choose the tour “Freedom Trail – Historic Boston”

3. Go to the Boston Common Visitors Center

4. Press play, put your phone in your pocket and get immersed

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