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That ghost of Anne Bonny at the Powder Magazine, Charleston

Anne emigrated from Ireland as a wee lassie landing in Charleston.

From a young age she was not to be messed with.

Legend has it stabbed a boy for harassing her. And she may have even killed a servant.

At 16 she fell in love with a James Bonney, a low pirate, and he purposed.

When Anne’s father disagreed, she burnt his home to the ground and hit the high seas.

It’s didn’t take long for Anne to dump James and shack up with Calico Jack, a real pirate’s man.

They lived the pirate’s life ransacking ships, stealing treasure and drinking pirates rum.

All was good until the British spoiled it all. They captured Calico Jack and hung him by the neck for piracy.

Anne returned to her beloved Charleston, where she lived out her life in peace.

Local lore has it today she haunts the old Powder Magazine. Possibly in search of her next pirate adventure.

Many visitors spot her walking the halls and grounds.


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