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The Ghost of Poogan at Pogan's Porch, Haunted Walking Tour Charleston, SC.

If you are looking for a tasty spot for a meal and a potential ghost sighting look no further than Poogan’s Porch!

The most commonly seen ghost at Poogan’s is the spirit of Zoe Amand. Zoe was a local school teacher who lived here with her sister, Elizabeth. The two never married and were inseparable in life.

When Elizabeth died of old age her sister Zoe was heartbroken. Zoe ran through the streets screaming like a mad woman. And soon after she also left her human form. Now it’s said her spirit is seen roaming the halls of Poogans wearing her favorite black dress.

Guest from the hotel across the street have spotted her in the top floor window looking back at them. On occasion they have even called the police to report an elderly woman trapped in the restaurant. Possibly she Is looking for her sister.

But she’s not the most famous ghost to roam the porch.

That title goes to Poogan. In 1976 when the restaurant owners bought this building they were left with a surprise. A dog was left on the porch. That dog was named Poogan and he quickly became part of the family. For years Poogan was the official greater of the restaurant and he was loved by diners and the City of Charleston.

But like all of us do, in 1979 old Poogan passed away.

Poogan may have died, but he wasn’t going to let a little something like that stop him from doing his duty. Since his death Poogan has guarded this porch. Diners often say they feel the soft fur of a dog brush up against their leg. Or hear the clanking of his nails on the porch. It seems like Poogan is eternally looking for scraps.

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