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The Grasshopper Weathervane on Faneuil Hall on the Freedom Trail Boston

Along the Freedom Trail, in Boston, on the top of Faneuil Hall (The Cradle of Liberty) sits a giant golden grasshopper weathervane with a story as unique as the hall. The Grasshopper Weathervane was created by master coppersmith Shem Drowne in 1742, and the grasshopper references the royal exchange building in London.

During the American revolution the Sons of liberty would ask strangers “What sits on the top of Faneuil Hall?” If they answered incorrectly, they knew they were a spy.

Clever indeed.

In 1761 a time capsule was added to its belly. The first message put in the grasshopper’s belly was “Food for the grasshopper.”

Since 1761 it has been tradition for each mayor to add a new item to its belly. And for over 200 years the tradition went on until 1974. That was the year of the great grasshopper heist.

Some dumb dumb climbed to the roof and stole it. The weather vane weighs 32 pounds and is 4 feet and 4 inches long. Must have been a strong fella.

The grasshopper was recovered. But the contents of its belly are lost forever.

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