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The North End Pizza Tour

If you’re looking to discover local pizza joints in the North End, Boston, you found the right tour my pizza loving world traveling friend.

Pizza’s story is forever linked to the brave immigrants that came to Boston’s North End. And these brave souls had faith. I’m talking about faith in the American dream. The faith that the land of America across the ocean held a better life.

I’m going to take you around to the 4 best and historic pizza joints in the North End, including the first to ever serve up a slice in New England over 110 years ago and the pizza joint ranked the best pizza in the USA. There aren’t the pizza tourist traps most are accoustomed to. These are the real deal local shops. Expect to hear a lot of Italian being spoken.

We will begin at All Saint’s Way, a local shrine in the North End. Along the way I’ll tell you the story of Pizza, the stories of the dough slinging immigrants and how they changed the world. And the tour will end at the world famous Regina Pizza. It’s the original location of Regina pizza, and I’ll tell you all about their old cooking ovens that serve up some of the best slices the world has ever known.

Join me on a delicious and inspiring journey of the north end.

So how do you take the North End Pizza Tour on the WalknTours app?

1. Download the WalknTours app, the links are below:

2. Browse the tours in Boston

We have created a large portfolio of local tours, and it’s growing every day. They are all GPS/Technology guided, pro narrated with theatrical sound and at a price you’ll love.

3. Choose the North End Pizza Tour. Go to the starting point and press play

Go to the start of the tour, in this case All Saints Way in Boson’s North End, put on your headphones or link a Bluetooth speaker, and press play.

4. Put your phone away and experience the story heads up and hands free

WalknTours are meant to be hands free. As you walk your guide will lead you turn by turn along the freedom trail. Using the power of their walkntours technology they guide you step by step telling the story of each location along the way.

5. After you are finished walk virtually anytime

Did you ever want to hear what your guide said again? Forgot that interesting fact? With WalknTours you can Walk Virtually, allowing you to revisit the experience. And most of the tours have 360° photos.

If you are looking for an immersive tour without all the controls of a traditional tour this may be for you.

Travel on your schedule!

Welcome to the tour Revolution!

The WalknTours team

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