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The Tradition of Christmas Trees

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The tradition of Christmas trees goes back many centuries with recorded decorations as far back as the 1400’s. But the indoor modern version we know now began in Germany in the 16th century. At that time there was little consistency in the practice. Some were table top trees, some were decorated with apples, popcorn or candles, and some were even hung upside down. Yes, that’s right, upside down. Try that google search for a few surprises. You’ll see even to today some cultures still hang the tree upside down!

In 1848, the popular and fashion setting Queen Victoria changed how the world looked at the Christmas tree.

In a sketch first published in the London News, the world saw the Queen, prince Albert and their children around a tree surrounded by presents. It was entitled “The Christmas Tree”.

It went viral and her adoring fans wanted a tree just like the queens. So, you can thank queen Victoria for modern day Christmas trees.

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