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Portsmouth, NH - The Ghosts of Portsmouth Haunted Tour
  • Portsmouth, NH - The Ghosts of Portsmouth Haunted Tour

    Discover Portsmouth’s Dark History guided by a ghostly tour guide.

    You'll be guided the most haunted pubs, hotels, buildings and streets where the ghostly spirits still lurk.

    Learn about the revolutionary history and how Portsmouth was once a major port, and how those spirits still linger in the buildings and streets.

    Discover the stops on the Underground Railroad and the recently uncovered African Burial Grounds, and the spirits that have stayed behind.

    Spookiest of all my be the music hall, where you will hear about the ghosts that insist "The Show Must Go On!"

    Be warned, this tour is not for the faint of heart.

    The tour starts the Ceres Bakery. Make sure you have the WalknTours app and the tour downloaded. It's said the spirts here are so strong they often interfere with data connections.

    Take the tour, If you dare!


    You'll see the the most infamous sites, haunted alleyways and historic buildings.

    ​Cere Bakery
    Sheafe Street Inn
    111 State Street
    The Old Red Light District
    The Stops on the Underground Railroad
    The Rockingham
    John Paul Jones House
    Portsmouth Music Hall
    African Burial Grounds
    Portsmouth Brewery
    The Oldest Bank Building in the US

    ​And that's a short list of highlights.

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