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San Antonio

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San Antonio's 
Famous Ghosts Tour

Tour Overview

On our ghostly you will see the most haunted places in San Antonio, everything from the Alamo to San Fernando Cathedral and all in between. 

What spirits are at unrest at the Alamo?  Who lurks around the San Fernando Cathedral?  And what spirits still haunt from bloody battles of the past?  Follow me on our solo ghost tour through downtown San Antonio and I’ll show you the most haunted locations.  I’ll meet you at the Alamo Church’s front door, if you dare!  Hahaha!

Be warned.  This tour is not for the faint of heart.  I’ll meet you at the Alamo.  If the ghosts don’t get you first! 

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You'll see the spookiest spots in San Antonio and learn their ghostly stories.  

The Alamo

The San Fernando Cathedral

The River Walk

The Majestic

The Aztec Theater

The Buckhorn Saloon

The Menger Hotel 

The Blue Book 

The Sheraton Gunter

The Emily Morgan Hotel

The Hotel Gibbs

And much more! 


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The tour begins at the Alamo

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