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owens house

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art museum

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Georgia's oldest city

Ya’ll came to the right place for a true Savannah experience. 

On our journey I’ll take you to the historical squares and the hidden treasures of Savannah and I’ll tell you their story. 


Oh, them friends back home goanna be jealous. 

Solo Tours


The Old  Squares

of Savannah

On our journey I'll be taking you to all those pretty old squares in Savannah and telling you their historical stories.  

It's a true southern adventure.  

So why don’t you just skedaddle down to Johnson Square and we’ll get this hootenanny started. I’ll meet you there.


Ghosts of Savannah

On our journey you will discover Savannah’s Dark History and explore what goes bump in the night. 

I’ll guide you to the haunts where their ghostly spirits now lurk.  And I’ll share with you the local tales of murder, tragedy and mayhem.


If you are looking for a ghost adventure go to the Moon River Brewing Company.  I’ll meet you there.