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Why Choose WalknTours?

Imagine having a private, knowledgeable and charismatic local tour guide lead you step by step to the historic sites, hidden gems and famous spots of the city and share with you their engaging stories.   That's the core of WalknTours.  The amazing tour guide experience available 24/7 on your phone.  All our tours are professionally researched, narrated by professionals that fit the theme and atmospherically edited with music and sounds to make the story come to life.  

We guarantee you'll love it or your money back.  We love our solo walking tours and so do our visitors.  You'll love our tours too, or we will give you your money back.  

Our patented solo walking tour technology (U.S. Patent No.10,959,0510) powers the WalknTours app to create immersive hands free experience only available on the Walkntours App.  It's so good it's patented. 


Go at your own pace and schedule.  Our tours are developed for Solo Travel Rebels that want to explore cities on their terms.  That being said, it's also works great for couples and families.  

Our tours are narrated by professional narrators that fit the story.  It's not one voice for all, and we feel that a voice brings power to a story.  If you're in Montgomery you'll have a local voice guide you.  And on a ghost tour you'll get a spooky narrator that will give you goose bumps.  

After taking your on location tour listen to the tour again anytime.  Have you ever taken a tour and said 'what did that guide say?  It was interesting but I don't remember!'  To listen to the tour later simply click the virtual tour button and listen again.  The tour never expires.

To learn more, get the WaknTours app on the App Store or Google Play.  

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