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10% of proceeds go to our partner


Giving to End Childhood Cancer

Children never did a gosh darn thing to deserve getting cancer.  And it's a shame that in our technologically advanced society kiddo's still could die from childhood cancer.  It's heartbreaking.  It effects all of us.  And it needs a cure.  Now.  


We are proud and humbled to partner with Art in Giving to push research further to find a cure for childhood cancer.  Art in Giving raises funds for childhood cancer research through the sale of fine arts.


It's the work of non profits and charities like Art in Giving that is the real work our world needs more than anything.  The work of passionate people that saves lives.  The work that makes our society better.  And it's the work that changes our future. 


A minimum of 10% of WalknTours proceeds go directly to Art in Giving.


And we hope you will support their cause through Art.  We all need art for our homes and offices.  And we all hope for a future free of childhood cancer. 

To learn more about Art in Giving or to donate to their cause visit https://artingiving.com/about

About Art in Giving


Art in Giving raises funds for childhood cancer research through the sale of fine arts.

Talented artists exhibit their work with Art in Giving and fifty percent of the purchase price of their artwork sold goes directly to talented cancer researchers working on breakthrough ideas to identify causes of and cures for brain tumors and gliomas. 

 To date, Art in Giving has granted $1.4 million in seed funding to researchers at Stanford University Medical School, Yale University School of Medicine, Barrow Neurological Institute, University of Pennsylvania, The Broad Institute, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University, Mass General Hospital, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Our business model increases the amount of money targeted for pediatric cancer research, a severely underfunded area.

  • People buy from us rather than a commercial gallery, and still make donations to their favorite charities

  • Interior designers purchase art for their clients while supporting innovative research

  • Companies purchase art using facility management and gift, not philanthropy, budgets

 With Art in Giving, children with cancer and their families, pediatric cancer researchers, artists, art enthusiasts, and corporations all benefit.


Our Story

WalknTours was developed to solve a travel problem.  We had the travel bug and we had to itch it.  


We love to travel.  And we love to tell stories.  And we love to run.  So naturally every morning when we traveled we would run.  Running in a new city takes planning, if you want to do it right.  Each night before our epic run we researched.  Finding the best spots.  Mapping out directions.  And trying to learn the cities stories.  We spent countless hours planning. 

The next morning as we ran we checked our phones where to turn.  We ran past countless remarkable places not knowing their stories.  We were always lost.  Something was missing.  It was frustrating.  And we wished there was an app where we could press play, a theatrical voice would lead us turn by turn (because it knows our location) and tells us the city's stories.  

Like a tour guide that was available 24/7, spoke a few languages and charged us $0 per tour.  Where do we find that?

We developed WalknTours with these ideas in mind.


An app we want to use.  Experiences we can't wait to take.  Easily created by anyone that wants to share their story.  


Our passion is creating the best tools to help you tell your story through location guided audio experiences.  If you ever have any questions, suggestions or feedback contact us anytime at info@walkntours.com.