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Image by Dylan Mullins

Charleston's French
Huguenot Church

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The Holy City 
French Huguenot Church

They Found Their Freedom in Charleston! 

The French Huguenots, or as some call them the French Protestants, organized in the early 1500’s with a belief that people could find salvation not through the interventions of the church but through individual faith alone. 


The religions grew like wild fire and from the start they were hated by the Catholics of France.  It took power away from the church and put it in the hands of the believers. 


To stop the practice the French Catholics massacred unarmed Huguenots causing religious wars throughout France. 


And in a further escalation 1572 the king of France ordered to death of all the Huguenots. 


Huguenot churches were abolished, restrictions were set in place and they were arrested.  Nearly 1/3 of the people were killed for their belief. 

There was no choice but to find a new land where they could be free. 


So, they took sail for the new world. And in 1680 the ship Richmond arrived in Charles Town with 45 French Huguenots. 


And it was here in the Holy city they found a home where they could be free. 

On our solo walking tour The French Quarter Historic Charleston you'll see the Charleston French Huguenot Church, the French Quarters hidden gems and historic sites on a 45 to 55 minute walking tour.  And for only $5.99 it's a revolutionary deal! 

Image by Dylan Mullins
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To discover Charleston's historic French Quarter sites purchase our tour on the WalknTours App.  It's a Solo Tour that you can take anytime and go at your own pace.  

Learn more about our Solo Tour "French Quarter Historic Charleston" click here.  

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The tour begins at Charleston City Market.  


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