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Charleston's Historic 
French Quarter

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The French Quarter Historic
Charleston Walking Tour

Charleston's History Comes Alive! 

On this solo Charleston Walking tour adventure  you will go to the historical spots, beautiful alleys and hidden treasures of the French Quarter.  Not to be missed.  You'll see some of the most famous sites and you'll hear the stories of how Charleston became the iconic city it is, including the story of its iconic color, Charleston green.  


This solo walking tour takes between 50 to 65 minutes depending on your pace.  The tour starts at the historic Charleston City market and then winds through the streets and two historic alleys in Charleston's French Quarter.    Listen to the preview below:

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The Historic French Quarter
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"Great experience.  t was great to go at my pace and to do the dig deeper and also great to go back and listen again.
Make sure your battery is fully charged we did not have an issue, but my phone was low to start and I didn't have much left when I finished. my wife was fully charged and she was fine

Rick @ TripAdvisor

"It was great to be able to pause and restart. Very detailed directions. Loved the stories and length of the
tour was perfect."


"This was a great way to experience Charleston. The tour is very easy to follow with written directions and verbal cues. "


"This was a great tour! My husband and I used one phone and each used one Bluetooth earbud. Being able to pause the tour so we could go into a church or stop to get a bite to eat and then resume the tour was awesome! We didn't have to keep up with 10 other people and a guide that we couldn't hear. The app was super easy to use too, and the 'guide' was informative and humorous as well! I hope they have more audio tours of other cities as we will definitely use them. Enjoy!"

Lu @ TripAdvisor

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Discover the French Quarter

You'll see the the most famous sites, hidden alleyways and historic buildings in Charleston's French Quarter.   

Charleston City Market 

The Powder Magazine 

Dock Street Theater 

The French Huguenot Church 

The Slave Mart Museum 

The Pink House 

Philadelphia Alley 

Lodge Alley 

The Pineapple Fountain 

The Pirate House 

And that's a short list of highlights.  

How to Purchase this Tour:
1. (Easiest) Get the WalknTours App on the App Store or Google Play and purchase in App for $5.99
2. Purchase on our site and save if you have a promo code.  

The tour starts at the Charleston City Market entrance.


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